Thursday, September 13, 2012

Full Circle of Blessings!

What started off as a sweet gesture turned into a multitude of blessings. About a year & a half ago Sierra started taking her keyboard with her when we would go visit my grandmother at a local rest home. When the staff found out that Sierra could play the piano they asked her if she would like to play once a month for all the residents. Over this past year or so we have been so blessed to have the opportunity to go each month & they are so generous in letting Sierra put together whatever she would like to do. Play the piano, sing praise & worship songs, recite scripture! The residents are always so happy to see her & last month when we were there they honored Sierra with the Jr. Volunteer of the Year award. She was so surprised! The staff presented her with flowers & a piano trophy engraved with her name on it. It is my prayer that Sierra continues to choose to minister to others by using her talents, to have a compassion for others & to serve the Lord with her whole heart!

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