Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Oh, what an exciting day! I was happy to see that Sierra was ready to start school. We have been building this up for a few weeks. :) On our first official day of school for a new year we try to do a few extra special things. I always have a gift for Sierra waiting on her desk for her to find. I make sure I get something that is educational, like a new set of books from a favorite series, a fun game, or one year I put together a writing box with all kinds of neat stationary, pens & pencils. The writing box has been my favorite gift because it really allowed Sierra to improve her writing skills. I even set up several pen pals for her so that they could write back & forth which was so much fun. Sierra loved getting her own mail. This year for her gift she received a jigsaw puzzle & some art supplies. We can get pretty happy over art supplies around here! Another thing that we like to do for our nature studies is to head out into the great outdoors. So I couldn't think of a more perfect day for a back to school picnic. Sierra loves to pack her lunchbox, grab a blanket, a few books & find a good picnic spot. To finish up our first day I decided to let Sierra make a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies to share with some friends. This of course was what I used to freshen up on her measurements since we were trying to get in some review of past lessons. Too fun! We did actually find time to fit in all subjects for the day as well. Just in case anyone may be wondering. Sierra has one thing she is really looking forward to learning this year & that is learning to write in cursive. We both are looking forward to a new year with lots of new memories!

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